Eddie, the better half of Us


He would probably tell you different but he is the better half of us! He taught me just about everything I know in photography. For 8 years he traveled the world working as a photojournalist for a relief agency. Something he loved, something he misses. The people, their culture, their faith: all a huge part of his own little history. Not to mention his history of  being a Pro BMX rider. Yep, that’s right! I live with my own little celebrity. He pioneered the extreme sports videos with “Ride On” and “Matt Hoffman’s Head First” and developed a love for video production in the process. Recently landing a t.v. production job with The Way of the Master has been a dream, but on the side, he works for me! From teacher of photography to second photographer. It’s glorious!

Eddie can be very unassuming but don’t let his quiet ways fool you like they did me. He is super witty and will crack a joke when you least expect it. Laughing with good friends and playing on words is a regular part of his life. He finds amusement in just about anything. Most of us in our little family laugh with him but there are the few who lack humor and just roll our eyes. But this section isn’t about me. Home is his favorite place to be, his family his favorite people to be with. Lucky me! Most of all he is an avid learner of the Bible and thoroughly enjoys teaching its truth to other people. He’s passionate. He’s mine…and I am glad.