A Small Snippet of Me


“Because You Loved Me” by Celion Dion. Have you ever heard that song? That is how I feel about my husband, Eddie. He sees the best in me and is the one who has seen me through it all. Not that my “all” is much but he has been my best friend and the most patient man I know. It is a good thing too since we have FOUR boys and I am the only girl in the house. Can I tell you what a challenge it is to find a quiet moment? Imagine the shock of growing up with no siblings in my home to living with a house full of FOUR rowdy boys! It’s wild! It’s fantastic! I wouldn’t change a thing! I love being a mom to their boyish ways and don’t really do long moments by myself well. Besides, those moments are entirely over rated.

So aside from being enamored with my men I have a few other things that make life completely more enjoyable. I love earrings and mascara and RARELY leave the house without them. My insecurity skyrockets if I do. Ha! I actually sleep in my earrings sometimes. Yes, it is a problem. I make a mean “pour over” coffee that rivals Starbucks, would rather receive a power tool than a new diamond (but wouldn’t complain if I did), make a perfect grilled chicken that leaves people wanting more, and have been known to invite myself over to peoples’ houses. Some of my dearest friendships started that way! I am a crazy football fan, love a close game, and tend to vote for the underdog. Nothing beats the sound of a Sunday football game after church on a cozy fall day.

Oh yes, church. My faith. My Lord. The reason I breathe. The maker and saver of my soul. The one from whom all blessings flow.  Apart from him I would be nothing, do nothing. The heavens declare his glory and our lives are evidence he is.